"Money of Middlebury" scrapbook created by Henry Sheldon, 1880s. From the Collection of the Sheldon Museum

“Money of Middlebury” scrapbook created by Henry Sheldon, 1880s. Collection of Henry Sheldon Museum

The Research Center holds an extensive collection of scrapbooks, including over 200 created by Henry Sheldon. The highlights of Mr. Sheldon’s scrapbook collection include: an extensive autographic collection of major local, US, and international figures; the “House Book” compiled in 1876 and updated in 1901, which details the history of every building in Middlebury; the “Annals of Middlebury,” which focuses on local events in the 19th century; Middlebury waterways and skating ways; and dozens more. The scrapbooks cover a broad range of subjects, some of which are unrelated to the local area, such as the book on Egyptian hieroglyphics. A detailed finding aid to Henry Sheldon’s scrapbooks is available in the Research Center. All are individually cataloged and are searchable through our online catalog.

The Research Center collection also includes many scrapbooks of local residents and families, such as, for example, the Upson/Wright family scrapbook detailing the planning and building of their house at 24 Chipman Park in Middlebury; a scrapbook about William H. Porter, the founder of the town’s hospital; and a scrapbook of the Middlebury Community House from the family papers of Jessica Stewart Swift. More detailed information about scrapbooks can be found through our online catalog.