Group Tours

19th Century Child’s Life

Grades 3-6
Abby Victoria Painter, daughter of Gamaliel Painter an early Middlebury town founder.

Abby Victoria Painter, daughter of early Middlebury town founder, Gamaliel Painter. Collection of Henry Sheldon Museum.

What was it like to live without TV?  Why did boys wear dresses?  What was it like to go to school back then?  The 19th Century Child’s Life tour helps students understand what it was like to be a child growing up in a very different time.  The program includes a full tour of the 19th century historic Judd-Harris House and a mock 19th century school lesson.  Students examine original children’s clothing from the time period, make copy books, write with quill pens, and play with reproduction toys and games from that era.

Please allow 2 hours for this program.

Request a Group Tour - Please do not complete this form. Call Mary Manley, 388-2117 to request a group tour.