Outreach Programs

Maps to the Past

Grades 3-6
Map-making during Maps to the Past outreach program

Map-making during Maps to the Past outreach program

Students will work with reproduction maps of your town from 1811, 1871 and a modern map to learn the town history. We will find out how maps can teach us about boundaries, waterways, roads, business locations, property disputes, historical facts, and the changing world around us.

Students will make their own 1811 map booklet with a brief excerpt of the history of their town from A History of Addison County, 1886 by H.P. Smith, a series of questions that help them learn about the settlement of their town. Teams of students will have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of maps from the 17th century through modern times and present their findings to the class.

The session ends with the class breaking into teams for cooperative work on two large wall maps of your town. Using either the Walling 1857 or the Beers’ Atlas 1871 map in addition to a modern-day regional planning map of your town, students will be able to compare the changes that have taken place in over a century.

Please allow a full two hours for this program.

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