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Moving to Vermont: The Music of Immigration

Grades K-6

Who came to live in Vermont?  Why did they come?  What were they like? Learn about the many different immigrant groups that made up the Vermont culture from Colonial settlement times through the 19th century.  Recordings, lyrics, instruments, maps, and immigration history make this a fascinating kit for everyone.

The Teachers’ manual features sections on the major immigrant groups who came to work and live in Vermont.  You will find information on the Yankees, Scotts, Irish, Welsh, French Canadians, Spanish, and Swedes whose skilled labor and inventiveness helped build many of  the industries and agricultural resources for which Vermont is still known today.  From Child ballads to working songs, WPA essays to dance steps, the story of Vermont’s musical heritage is the story of America.

Classroom activities include examining lyrics for historical content, using maps to trace the roots of ethnic music, and instructions for making folk instruments with your class.  Teachers do not need to read music or teach musicology to use this creative and fun kit!

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