Learning Kits

Vermonters in the Civil War

Grades 5-12

Discover Vermont’s  role in the American Civil War by studying the State’s social and political development.  Use books, reproduction clothing and accessories, photographs, rosters, and copies of early abolitionist documents to bring this story to life for your class.  The kit includes a typical Federal soldier’s sack coat, pants, braces, and shirt, as well as a haversack with utensils and personal items that men often brought from home.

Two teachers manuals and many reference books are included for your classroom use.  One manual features the chronology of Vermont’s participation in the abolitionist movement, entry into the war and soldiers’ stories.  A separate notebook details what life was like for those left behind in Vermont and includes a searchable index to articles about life on the home front from many of the newspapers at the Henry Sheldon Museum.  Both manuals include suggestions for classroom activities.

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