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Westward from Vermont

Grades 4-8


Wagon Train from Vergennes

Wagon Train from Vergennes game based on primary documents in the Sheldon Museum archives


Westward from Vermont, the Learning Kit 

grades 4-8

Have you ever wondered why Vermonters went westward?  What routes did they take, or what did it cost to get there?  Thanks to a grant from the Vermont Humanities Council, the Sheldon’s new Westward from Vermont learning kit will answer these questions and many more.

The teachers’ manual in the kit provides a summary of Lewis D. Stillwell’s book, Migration from Vermont.  This very informative work covers topics which influenced migration patterns and provides the background needed to discuss what made Vermonters leave hearth and home for the unknowns of the mid-western territories.

An exclusive feature in the kit is the Sheldon’s very own Westward from Vermont board game that leads your class on an actual route that Vermonters took from Vergennes, Vermont to Edwardsville, and Gaylesburg, Ill. The colorful map, presents an artist’s rendition of the northeastern section of the United States that is both attractive and fun to use in the classroom.

Three lively music CDs allow your class to experience some of the music popular in 19th century America. Twenty-three books also offer a wide variety of information about the time period, for different reading levels. From picture books to biographies, diaries to participatory stories, there is a book for every reader in your group.

The kit also includes twenty-three books with a wide variety of content and reading levels. From picture books to biographies, diaries to participatory stories, there is a book for every reader in your group.   The book titles and authors are listed below:
  • Westward Expansion – Allison Lassieur
  • A Woman’s Story of Pioneer Illinois – Tillson and Quaife
  • A Day in June – Deborah Roberts Kirk
  • A Gathering of Days – Joan W. Blos
  • Daily Life in a Covered Wagon – Paul Erickson
  • In the Barn – Bobbie Kalman
  • Duties of Children – J. H. Butler
  • 19th Century Clothing – Bobbie Kalman
  • Tools and Gadgets – Bobbie Kalman
  • Pioneer Days – David C. King
  • Pioneer Life from A to Z – Bobbie Kalman
  • The Pioneers – Marie and Douglas Gorsline
  • Visiting a Village – Bobbie Kalman
  • Johnny Appleseed – Steven Kellogg
  • Early Farm Life – Lise Gunby
  • If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon – Ellen Levine
  • Westward Expansion – Teresa Domnauer
  • Frontier Living – Edwin Tunis
  • Log Cabin in the Woods – Joanne Landers Henry
  • Pioneer Girl: The Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder – William Anderson
  • Pioneer Girl: A True Story of Growing Up on the Prairie – Andrea Warren
  • The Illinois Pioneer Period – Genean Stec
  • The Olden Days – Joe Mathieu
Other activities based on lists of artifacts from the Sheldon Museum present decision-making opportunities, math problems, graphing, spacial relationships activities,options for prioritizing, and new vocabulary words.  A featured letter from the Sheldon’s collection provides answers to a crossword puzzle! This kit is versatile and a perfect complement to Common Core Curriculum requirements. Your class will have fun while learning the history of migration from the Vermont.

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