“The Lure of the Object,” artist talks by Kirsten Hoving and Eric Nelson

April 12, 2017, Noon
Free with Museum admission
Workman's Dream by Kirsten Hoving

Workman’s Dream by Kirsten Hoving

Photographer and art historian Kirsten Hoving will join forces with sculptor and photographer Eric Nelson to discuss the role of the object in their respective artistic practices.  An expert on the assemblage art of the American artist Joseph Cornell, Hoving has carried her art historical expertise into her creative work by exploring the power of objects in her photographs.  From photographing things frozen in ice to a study of the evocative power of books, Hoving has spent several years thinking about things and how we see them.

All the Better to See you With, Eric Nelson

All the Better to See you With, Eric Nelson


Eric Nelson is an artist who works in the mediums of wood, steel, mixed media, watercolor and photography. His scultpural work ranges from large-scale steel sculptures to a series of small wooden pieces made daily for a year, while his photographs explore the ways objects can relate to each other in evocative groupings.