Pastel by Phoebe Stone

Raffle for Phoebe Stone Original Artwork

Price $10 per ticket; $25 for 3 tickets; $40 for 5 tickets

1 Phoebe Stone artwork Raffle Ticket ($10.00)
3 Phoebe Stone artwork Raffle Tickets ($25.00)
5 Phoebe Stone artwork Raffle Tickets ($40.00)
Pastel by Phoebe Stone

Pastel by Phoebe Stone

This original artwork by Vermont-based children’s author and illustrator, Phoebe Stone, is offered for raffle in conjunction with our current exhibit, Draw Me A Story–Tell Me A Tale. The work was done as a study for her children’s book, When the Wind Bears Go Dancing. Unavailable anywhere else, and not included in the final copy of the book, this beautiful pastel drawing is truly one-of-a-kind.

$10 per ticket
$25 for 3 tickets
$40 for 5 tickets